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The demand of a strongly established national online daily newspaper was always explicit in Bangladesh. With the rising of true news enthusiast youths and conscious young readers, a daily online publication supported actual news has been very essential to satisfy up their enthusiasm.

Newspaper (Hardcopy) and tv could be some useful mediums for a few time, but an outsized number of readers specially the youths and students are habituated to use internet. a web daily news portal matching their standard are often very useful during this case which may give them a simple access to the vast field of various sorts of news.

Instead of complex hard-to-understand writings, this news portal can specialise in their places of interest and work as their easily understandable medium for reading the daily news.
Executive Summary

BANGLA MAGAZINE, currently one among the leading online daily news portals of Bangladesh is functioning hard on the difficulty mentioned above. it’s a portal prepared, published and maintained by the qualified reporters and stuffs of Bangladesh, which has succeeded to succeed in to the massive internet users community of Bangladesh.

It should be reminded that publication of a web news portal may be a highly profitable and high margin business. future investment and patience is required during this business with a skill to know the demand of the readers. Marketing and multi-dimensional sales are often very effective here, which is unfortunately absent within the media industry of Bangladesh.

When most current news portal of Bangladesh mainly target the advertisement providers for his or her business, BANGLA MAGAZINE features a clear orientation for readers, which is resulted by a cushty circulation during a short time.

As we assume the children , mainly the web users and students as our primary readers, all our features and articles are matched with their needs and interests. This different attribute has made this news portal very fashionable among all types of reader.

The main mission of BANGLA MAGAZINE isn’t only to run a national online daily news portal for specific commercial purpose, but also to upgrade it during a dependable media agency and organization.

It should specialist in both readers and therefore the standard which can be the key success of the magazine.

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